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Bexie has been working as a model for a few years. She started part time and are now doing it full time. She describes her self as being free-spirited, carefree and filled with wanderlust.

She loves working as a model and likes to take sensual, sexy and playful pictures. She says that the perfect combination is when her pictures come out as cheeky, provocative and some times a bit daring.

She`s loves to travel, she is adventurous and love new challenges. She is soon moving to Bali where she will post a lot of cool and sexy pictures and videos about her life.

5mins in heaven...

Follow me! The higher the rating the more videos i'll post ;)

Had so much fun shooting with the amazing Joby Rawlins again...


B x

Good Morning Sunshine!

Today its all about surfing, paddle boarding and a scuba drive to top it off... Followed by cocktails of course!

Much Love,


Love from Bali

Hello you beautiful people.

Sorry I haven't been posting recently, I've been super busy! I'm relocating, London to Bali. Its literally heaven on earth, where I get to live in a bikini; that being said; I can't wait to share my journey with you all. I promise to share lots of fun and sexy shots!

Watch this space guys, special stuff is coming...

Love and Light,