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I'm Cookie Boggino and I'm a tattooed model and dancer from Argentina. I would describe myself as a crazy, happy person who loves adventure and enjoys exploring new fashion styles every day.

I'm 24 years old and have been a professional dancer since I was 4 years old and an alternative model since 2012. I have modelled for a variety of different brands and photographers, as well as acted for a few music videos. Right now I am a dancer for the Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque troupe which has been a dream come true.

I like travelling all over the world and getting to know new people with different cultures. I enjoy watching tv, especially cartoons and horror movies.


One from the photo shoot that I did the last year with Rick DiMichele.

What do you think?

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Sun is so strong in New Jersey but is good because the beach here is beautiful, quiet and so fun with all the Casinos around.

Have you been in New Jersey before? Do you like beaches?

Tell me in the comments!!!

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If you wanna see more videos like this one follow me on snapchat: cookieboggino :)

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When you are feeling good with yourself means time for selfies.

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