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I started my modeling career in 2015 and have been obsessed with it ever since. I'm very happy, free-spirited and love anything that involves travel or being outside with beautifully scenery. With my modeling I love to see when my photos come out the way I love them to, cheeky, sexy and just a hint of innocence. I just moved to LA 9 months ago, and I love exploring and seeing new things that o haven't adventured to yet, such as hikes, cafes, private beaches and anywhere that I can take pictures for memory and pictures for my fans.

Dark Places


Here's a little picture of me in a cool, dark corner. One great shoot, it was fun and I can't wait to go back to the East Coast for another one! ;)

LOVE! xx


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Late Night Post

Hi lovelies!

Sorry that it has been so long since I've posted a blog!! I've been extremely busy getting everything together! I have some new photos and pictorials coming up, so keep a look out!

Much LOVE!! xx


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Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday my beautiful babes!

I hope you all have a fantastic day, I have a shoot today and I cannot wait to share the pics with y'all! Make sure you subscribe so you can see all the exclusive content!

Love! XOX


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Little Relaxation

This is me everyday at home after AND before work haha!

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Hi everyone!

HAPPY MAY!! It's finally May, and I'm super excited because that means it's almost summer which means I'll be in my swimsuit 24/7! Oh, and believe me, I'll be blogging MANY pictures in my bikinis, just for y'all! ;)



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Little Tease


Here's a photo from my East Coast shoot! Being a little promiscuous, never hurt anyone... ;)

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Oops! Got a little wet!

So, I'm hoping y'all are liking my posts, because I love posting for y'all! This summer is going to be crazy, I'm so beyond ready to do more fun, crazy, impromptu shoots and be able to share them with you babes!

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Garden of Eden


The Garden of Eden featuring me! In one of my all time favorite dresses ever. This sheer dress adds such a dynamic and its so absolutely stunning to wear. Did I mention it's completely see through? ;)

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Hi again!!

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