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I started my modeling career in 2015 and have been obsessed with it ever since. I'm very happy, free-spirited and love anything that involves travel or being outside with beautifully scenery. With my modeling I love to see when my photos come out the way I love them to, cheeky, sexy and just a hint of innocence. I just moved to LA 9 months ago, and I love exploring and seeing new things that o haven't adventured to yet, such as hikes, cafes, private beaches and anywhere that I can take pictures for memory and pictures for my fans.


Hey babes!

I just wanted to share a photo with y'all from a recent shoot of mine, since I'm shooting with that same photographer tomorrow! His name is Rich Clark and he's absolutely a blast to work with and I just wanted to let y'all know just how excited I am to be be doing, yet, ANOTHER shoot! Y'all will be the first to see the new pics! ;)


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Island Baby

Hi my favorite beings!!

I hope you all spend a little time outside today to appreciate this beautiful world! Also, if you like my posts, like my blog page so I can blog more often for you! Don't forget to sign up to see EXCLUSIVE photos! ;)

Much love! xox

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Aw, coconuts!

Today has been nothing but tropical vibes all around!! From drinking coconut milk out of coconuts to topless tanning on a private beach! I hope everyone's Wednesday was just as free-spirited as mine! LOVE!

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Sand Puppy

Happy Monday!! Today I took a scenic drive through Malibu Canyon to enjoy a nice day on a private beach. From rolling around in the sand and grabbing something to eat at a local organic restaurant to shopping at the Malibu nursery for flowers and crystals. Needless to say this Monday was a complete success!!

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