Here are some Iphone pictures of Ida`s trip to California, Los Angeles. She was here for 3 weeks and we had a blast just cruising around in our convertible going from location to location. The weather was warm and the sun was shining every day. Los Angeles and it surroundings are the perfect setting for some hot and sexy photo shoots. The only problem is that wherever you want to take pictures you need a permit and it is illegal to be nude, so we had to shoot Guerrilla style. Here we have 15 minutes on doing the photo shoot before we have to jump in the car and race away. If not the cops will arrive and give us a fine or arrest us. From Europe we are used to people just having a look and smiling while they take a few pictures with their phone. In Norway the Police with just enjoy the view, or at least the ones we have met :)

Ida Sofie Iphone Backstage Los Angeles