It was a beautiful day in Malibu and we where driving around trying to find a secluded place on the beach. After a lot of driving we just decided to stop next to the road and just take the pictures right there. There was an old guy enjoying the view and I asked him if it was ok that I was going to take some sexy pictures. He said off course, no problem. He offered to stay on the road and give us a sign if the police where driving by. In the middle of the shoot he starting shouting something and Ida put on here clothes in a panic while I was packing all the gear. I ran up to the road so the Police would not notice Ida and all the photo gear on the beach. When I came up there, there was no Police car. He had just wanted to ask me a question :) Both Ida Sofie and I was so stressed that we only took a few more pictures before we packed on drove away. Just another day playing cat and mouse with the Police :)

Ida Sofie Malibu Beach