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We are finally ready with the new Scandi website. We are just doing the last tests and interviews - so the girls will soon be ready to start posting sexy pictures and videos on their blogs on Scandi.

We will now start using models from all over the world. We started out only using Scandinavian models but we where missing out on all the beautiful models from rest of the world - so we just had to make that change.

There is a lot of stuff that will happen later this summer. We will be based in Los Angeles which is one of the best place to find good looking models and where there is always something happening. We will show you when the models are partying, when we challenge them to do cool and crazy stuff, from our photo shoots and lots more.

We can promise you a lot off sexy and funny videos, so stay tuned to see what will be happening in the City of Angels!

We hope you like the new website!