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Wild and sexy

Caroline is a wild and sexy girl from Sandnes, next to Stavanger. As usual it was a cold evening which always is a bad thing when we want to get the models to undress. She didn`t care about the temperature as long as we got some good pictures. At the third location we were taking pictures outside an old building next to a boat harbour. There was a lot of people driving and walking by, but they didn`t seem to mind looking at a sexy girl in her underwear. We had been taking pictures for 10 minutes when the cops suddently drove by. As soon as they saw us they turned around and drove quickly over. Then they pointed at me(the photographer) and told me to come over to the car. They told me that they would arrest me if we took any pictures of her nude. I couldn`t believe what I was hearing. Instead they should have enjoyed the show. I promised them to stop taking pictures, but as soon as they drove away Caroline starting to laugh and flashing them her tits. We continued the shoot and got on over way before they came back. I love these crazy and sexy Norwegian girls.



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