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She`s not shy

Cathrine does not care what anyone thinks about her. She is a independent woman who does what she wants. She loves dressing sexy and challenging which all the guys love, but the girls hate her for it. She is not what you call shy, and just thinks it`s funny when people stop up and look at her taking sexy underwear and nude pictures with us. On our first photoshoot we were taking pictures of her in front of a green bush. We where 5 meters away from the main road, and everyone driving past could that we where taking nude pictures of her. People just stopped their cars in the middle of the road rolling down their windows and started taking pictures with their mobiles. We could not believe what we where seeing and neither could they. The traffic completly stopped and no one could drive past so people starting honking their horns. We just had to get away before the cops came. Surprisingly even the girls driving past where smiling to us and giving their thumbs up. It is never wrong with a hot sexy



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