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We met Laila at the airport and drove her directly to the countryside where we were having the photoshoot. Our Makeup artist had the flu and had called us right before, saying she couldn't come. Most of the models knows how to do their own makeup and hair, so it wasn`t a big deal. After we had taken some pictures we asked Laila if she like horses. Most girls love horses, but she was terrified of them. Off cores we had to take some pictures with some horses in the background. What she didn`t know that it was more than 20 horses. The horses where quite curious and came right up to her and us. There were so many of them that they bumped into all of us the whole time, and they were kicking and biting each other. They were also nibbling at Laila, and you can see on the backstage pictures and video that she is quite afraid.



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