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Sexy Rina from Stockholm

As usual we met the Model at the airport. We had 6 hours for this photoshoot and again it was raining. It was also quite windy and cold. Rina had flown in from Stockholm where it was warm and sunny. She was not going to experience this on the photoshoot in Stavanger. Her airplane was 1,5 hour late but that gave us some extra time to try to find some new location where we would not get soaking wet, or blow away in the strong wind. After the first location it started to rain. We were really stressed because of the weather and the lack of time, but Rina did not mind. She was really cold, and it was difficult for her to relax in front of the camera, but she was enjoying this crazy winter weather. Must be that Scandinavian Viking blood.

As usual we had a great time with the model. Rina is defiantly someone we will work with again. If you meet her your got to be careful if you fall for her. On her bottom she got a tattoo that says "heartbreaker" - and she has already been engaged 3 times and broken 3 hearts. Are you up for the challenge?



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