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Enjoying the Norwegian summer

The weather has finally been good in Stavanger the last few weeks. There is nothing more beautiful when the weather is nice here and you can bee outside without the models shivering and freezing. Cathrine was easy to get to know and we also brought Ine Louise so we could get some sexy pictures of them together. We drove for an hour to a small waterfall where we wanted to do the photo shoot. I could not believe it but when we had arrived the sun had disappeared, it was cloudy and the temperature had dropped with 5 degrees. Suddenly it was not so warm. Cathrine had just been on holiday in Spain so she was not exactly eager to jump into the water. After warming her up on land we got her in the water and got some good pictures off her. All in all it we had a great photo shoot with both models. Check out the pictures and see what you think :)



Cathrine River 2

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Cathrine River

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